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We have a library of VEX parts available to use in a CAD assembly of the robot. If you are part of the 7700 team you will find these parts in the folder called. KOP -VEX

Any of these parts can be inserted into your design by right clicking and choosing Insert into current design.

Placement of Parts

Placing and moving parts is covered in the video.

Moving Parts After Placement

If you need to move a part after placement or if you want to copy a part to place a second one in another position you can follow this video.

Cutting Parts

We will need to frequently cut parts to the correct size to build our robots. In CAD this is done following this video.

Please remember to save yourfile with a new name DO NOT EDIT PARTS that are already in the KOP.

CAD Assembly Assignment


  • Create and assembly using 10 or more parts.
  • Include Structural part like C-Channels
  • Include round parts like spacers or bearings.
  • Include at least one cut part.
  • Use our Design Rules

You can do this as an exercise or better you can design something specific for your robot design.

Naming Convention

Create a folder with your name in the 7700/Competition Robots/Team Member Project/ folder. Name your file CAD ASSIGNMENT change it to CAD ASSIGNMENT-complete when you are finished, post it in your profile on

After completing the assembly build what you have designed with real parts.