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Competition Team Onboarding

If you have been invited to join a team the first step is to Register Here

Team details

Your parent will have created a Roboteer account for you when they registered. The Rolling Robots Competition Team member profile page is where you will enter your details.


Login Here      If you can not log in have your instructor check your account and possibly reset your password. Once you are logged in check your information. If anything is out of date or missing correct it.

Team Member Profile Page

The profile page is where you will keep your information such as team number , position on the team etc.Access it by clicking the profile icon at the top right after logging in.


Click My Account to get to your profile page.


Click on Competition Team


You are taken to this page where you can enter your information. From time to time we may have assignments to enter here. You can update this information at any time.


To access content and record progress you need to be enrolled in the Competition Team Training Course. If you are not please do so now.


Go to the Vex Competition Tipping Point page and enroll. Select the location and time. typically each team member will pick one online day and one in person day.

Fusion 360

We will use Fusion 360 to design our robots. Fusion 360 is free to use but you will need to Create an Educational Account. We have found the best way to do this is to have a parent create it for you and select the role as Design Competition Mentor. They can do this with your e-mail address so you will have easy access.

If you can not create an account or forget your info, don't panic, we have student accounts that you can use.


We use gitHub to share code and collaborate on projects. Each team has a gitHub account to store their code. It is helpful if you also set up a personal gitHub account. Go to and create an account. Ask DK or other mentor to invite you to the Rolling Robots VRC Repository.


Discord is a communication tool that we use for sharing information and schedule notices. Set up an account at Discord then contact a mentor or team admin to be added to our server.