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Competitive Robotics

In competitive robotics there are typically numerous problems that need to be solved by the design team.  The further designers get in their robot design, the more problems come up (the main problem is often broken down into smaller problems).  Early in the robot design the problems may be more “big picture” and later they will become more “detail oriented.”



Some sample problems a designer may encounter that need to be solved, and questions that need to be answered are below.

What is the most effective strategy for playing the game?  How do we win matches?

How can the robot score the most points during the match?  How do we score more than our opponents?

How fast does the robot need to move?

How can the robot pick up the game object?

How can the robot pick it up quickly?

How many game objects does the robot need to hold?

These problems and questions all have many answers; some answers are better than others.  How does a designer go about finding the “correct” solution or the “correct” answer?  That is where the rest of the process comes into play, but until the correct problem is defined it can never be solved!


The first step is to just watch the reveal video about the game