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Flywheel Shooter

Flywheel Design , Build and Code

Fusion 360 design flywheel Disc Shooter.

notes from 2015 on VEX nothing but net flywheel Velocity control.

Take Back Half Velocity Controller V5 code on github.


One version of a disc shooter using a flywheel.


parts for flywheel

parts you need to build this.  The two motors are high speed using the blue 600rpm gear cartridge.


the assembled flywhell

Start with the lower c-channel we will call c-flat. Install 2 motors and a high strength bearing. for the bearing use 1/2 inch screws and nylok nuts.

Next we will add the gears with the proper spacers. The gear is 84 tooth or number 7.  It will make the single gear faster by 7 times. Remember no metal on metal. Add a dog collar to keep things together.

Add bearings to middle C-channel.  also some standoffs that will be used later to mount cross supports.



the main wheel is on a high strength axle.  This picture shows the items needed.  Two spacers and a dog collar.  There is some room to adjust the spacers to make a better fit.

Finish it with the top piece that has a single High Strength bearing.

The assembly shown here will guide the discs into the flywheel for shooting. This part will change once we build the intake system.

This is the squeezer. It is an adjustable part that pushes the disc against the flywheel for shooting.  Adjusting the thickness of the white spacers will change the amount the disc is compressed against the spinning wheel.