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What to Expect

Here is the guide the judges use to conduct the interview.

Sample Questions

• Is this a good time for an interview? Are all of your team members here?

• What does your robot do and how does it score points?

• How did you develop this robot design?

• Which team members built the robot?

• What part of your robot are you most proud of? Why?

• Were there any other robots that inspired your robot design? How?

• What changes did you make to improve your design during the season?

• What was the most difficult challenge your team has overcome so far?

• Did you use any sensors? What are they used for? How do they operate in your autonomous mode? How do they operate in your driver-controlled mode?

• What problems did you have in working on your robot? How did your team solve them?

• If you had one more week to work on your robot, how would you improve it?

• Has your game strategy been effective? How and why?

• Tell us about your robot’s programming – who was the primary programmer?

• What were the challenges of this year’s game that you considered before designing your robot? How did you design your robot to meet those challenges?

• What are your goals for Driver and Programming Skills scores? What are your average scores?

Interview Rubric

Here is the Rubrik the judges will use for the interview