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Introduction and Materials Required

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Thomas Edison

During this course we will be using electronic components and microcontrollers to invent tools and games. The best way we found to initialize your pile of junk is to purchase a kit. The one we will be using is the Elegoo Super Starter Kit. The simplest way to get it is Amazon Purchase Link Here.

elegoo electronics

This kit will provide an assortment of parts that will carry though many lessons and provide students materials for their own inventions.

If you continue with this course beyond about 8 weeks there may be additional items to purchase which we will post here.

When purchasing at Amazon please consider using, when you do Amazon donates a small portion of the price to Rolling Robots Outreach this will help us to continue programs like this. You can get more info and sign up for Amazon Smile Here. Select Rolling Robots Outreach as the benefiting charity.