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Lift with Compound Gears

In this lesson we change the gear ratio on the existing lift.  Focus on the gear box and build quality.  The lift and claw same as the clawbot example.

Through this process we should be learning to build from CAD instructions.


Here is a link to fusion 360


21 gear ratio

A compound gear ratio is used to increase the torque of our lift.  This is the same lift as the basic clawbot but we add a compound stage to is.  When we have more than one gear on the same axel that is a compound since both turn at the same speed.  The ratio is multiplied.  Here we have the first ratio is 3 and the second 7 so we have a total of 21 times more torque than the motor alone.

For this build we can also use the standard strength gears.




You can use standard gears or high strength with inserts.

Also the position of the c channels with the gears can be changed, In this cad we emphasize connecting the lift to more of the driving c channel.