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Using the Meter and How it Works

We have learned about voltage , current , resistors and basic circuits now let's use a meter to make some measurements. After using the meter we will open one up to see how it works.

Adam Savage on Multimeters

Here is a brief video link with Adam Savage talking about multimeters, some good advice.

low cost meter

A low cost multimeter. Will do the job. wont last forever and may not be really accurate. But it is like six bucks rather than $176 for the Fluke 77. When we need a great meter we use the Fluke other times this little toy is good enough.


Here is what we can see when we open the meter.

Can you find some familiar circuits?

  • Voltage Divider
  • Shunt Resistor

This gives a good view of the circuits inside the meter. There is not much more to see if you remove the board and it potentially will not go back together and the meter will be unusable. So best to not remove the board