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VEXIQ parts and building techniques


Roboteers will understand and be able to label VEX IQ pieces and their significance 

Essential Keywords

  • Connectors
  • Axle
  • Gear
  • Beams
  • Standoffs
  • Collars
  • Spacers


Lets check out this video!

Learners Guidance


Let’s build the Flex Robot!

Flex Build Instructions 

  • If there are four or less students, each student can have their own kit and build their own robot. If there are more than four students, they should be paired in groups of two, so two students per kit.
  • Build only up to step #21 where the drive base with the brain is done. 


Explore/Activity (10 - 20 Min.)

While making the Flex robot, students will discover how IQ parts can be used to build different mechanisms, and how incorporating triangle-shaped supports can keep the robot structurally sound.


4. Share (Min.)

Roboteers can discuss what parts of the robot they find most interesting. They can also share ideas on how the robot can be improved.


5. Closure (Min.)

Ask questions such as:

  • Ask the name of some of the parts and their purpose
  • “What shape should we use for supports? Why?”

The student who answers correctly gets a treat, badge, NASA sticker, Rolling Robots sticker, etc.


6. Evaluate

  • Give feedback on each student's performance.

Essential Questions (ask these questions while students are exploring)

“What gear ratio does the robot’s arm use?”

“Why do you think the robot’s tray/claw remains parallel to the ground while the arm is lifted?”