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Competition Team Membership (VRC)

Competition Team Membership (VRC)

Ready to take your learning in robotics and STEM to the next level? We are inviting you to be on board with our Competition Team program!

The Rolling Robots Competition Team program was established in 2013. Our world-class robotics competition teams competed in many robotics competitions such as Robogames, Botballs, MoonBots, BattleBots, and VEX Robotics Competition. Since 2014, Our world-class VEX Robotics Competition Teams have won countless matches and awards from local to international competitions. We have been consistently qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championship and won 9 awards in the past 8 years - the Community Service award, the Teamwork award, the Skills award, the Division Champion Award, the Think award, the Build award, the Create award, the Design Award, and the Excellence Award - the highest award given at the VEX Robotics World Championship.

However, the most important benefit of being a part of the Rolling Robots Competition Team is not about the win of a tournament nor the award that they received. What our members gain the most is the hands-on knowledge of how to design/build/code/operate a high-quality robot, the freedom of applying their creativity and wisdom in their work, and the life skills and the friendship in the safe environment at Rolling Robots. The Rolling Robots Competition Team will their journey of self-discovery of their passion for robotics, STEM, teamwork, and leadership.

VEX Robotics 2021 - 2022 Season (June 2021 - May 2022)

Invitation Only

Our competition team enrollment is by invitation only. Please discuss with a Rolling Robots staff member before enrolling. We require students to meet a high level of capability and hands-on experience before joining a team. Most of our team members have been learning robotics and/or on VEX IQ Teams at Rolling Robots prior to joining the VEX Robotics Competition Team. We also require students to commit to two meetings with the team weekly for the season and participating in the minimum two local tournaments on weekends before advancing for State or World Championships.

Curriculum and Evaluation

The competition teams at Rolling Robots do not follow a rigid curriculum or include any formal testing. Rather we provide a “buffet” of learning opportunities and access to expert instructors and mentors that allow our members to choose their path and pace through the season. We will teach robot design with CAD, game strategy, and coding with C++. We also offer other learning opportunities as listed below for members.

  • Rolling Robots Drive Skill Challenge
  • Rolling Robots Programming Skill Challenge
  • Rolling Robots 1:1 Match Challenge
  • Rolling Robots Internal Match Tournament
  • VEX Robotics Online Challenges (some are world championship qualifiers)
  • 3 local Tournaments to qualify for State Championship (all cost related to the events are included)

We will evaluate members’ learning accomplishments in the above opportunities and the assigned projects such as the following:

  • Goal Setting (personal and team)
  • Strategy Planning
  • Completing a CAD design
  • Completing Code in C++
  • Documenting and Presenting a project

These assigned projects will provide us the information for the Merit-based opportunities at Rolling Robots.

State Championship and World Championship

All teams that are qualified for the State and/or World Championship will be responsible for additional fees to cover event costs depending on the total number of participating teams and members. Each participating member will be responsible for the travel cost of themselves and family members.

Merit-Based Opportunities

To encourage our members to extend their capabilities as far as possible at a given season, our non-profit partner, Rolling Robots Outreach, will fund additional merit-based opportunities. It will be available for members who have demonstrated their excellent participation and performance in our program. We will provide a clear path for each member to earn an invitation to participate in these opportunities. Some examples of these opportunities are:

  • Attending extended hours to prepare for the tournaments
  • Attending weekend marathon early season build event (RI5D)
  • Attending additional local events for State Championship qualification
  • Attending Signature Events (past events includes Google Signature Event in Mountain View, California, Night at the Museum Signature Event in Chantilly, Virginia, and Pan Pacific Signature Event in Hawaii) (Additional event-related fee may be required)

Each season, there will be different opportunities. We will inform you accordingly.

Monthly Membership Payment

The monthly membership payment will be automatically deducted from your credit card on file every month.  You can request a temporary pause of the monthly payment due to any personal schedule if you will be absent for 2 or more weeks. The request should be sent to in writing before the next billing date.