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The notebook should b a description of the design process and results.  It should show all the work that went into designing and building your robot as well as the test results and perfoamance at tournaments.  Another team could be able to follow your notebook and build your robot from these details.

Our notebook sections will follow the design process.

The sections of the notebook should include:

  • Team description and Bios
  • Team Goals for the Season
  • Strategy and Requirements
  • Preliminary Design Evaluation
  • Production Design Optimization
  • Build
  • Code
  • All Up Testing
  • Event Results and Analysis

Notebook Reference Materials:

Notebook Guidelines. The notebook is an engineering document with data that describes the design process and results of testing.  It should be a document someone could use to reproduce your work.  or for a new person joining the team to become technically capable of continuing work on the robot.

Electronics Format.  Any electronic format that is open to the public is suitable for the notebook.  The preferred vex templates use google slides.   Google Slides should be the format we use.

Extra point are given for notebooks that show clear date tracking and version control.

VRC Design Process and Notebooks

RECF VexRobotics Page - click the notebook section


VEX Templates: 

The Notebook is not a team Journal.

RECF VexRobotics Page - click the notebook section

Rubrik for Notebook

This is the Judges Rubrik for the Notebook


Document all your design choices and calculations in the notebook.  Typical design choice notebook entry should follow this format:


Why we are doing this test or calculation

How we will do the test or calculation

Results of test or calculation

Conclusion - Design Choice