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Vex IQ Robotics Workshop

VEX IQ Robots are fun to build and easy to learn. The class introduces the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge game to students while they build and code their own robots to play the game. 

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to build a robot and code it with a block coding language to finish various tasks. Students will be introduced to various sensors and learn how the sensors help the robot navigate their environment easier. This is a course that will begin your preparation for competitive robotics starting at 4th grade.

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About This Course

Hardware needed for this course: 

We will be using the VEX IQ system to build and code robots in this workshop. You can rent a kit for the course duration at Robot Rentals Select VEX IQ Kit to pick up at the location of your choice. Please note that our rentals are handled by another system so you will have to provide your information again to complete your rental.

Software needed for this course: 

Download VEXcode IQ block for the device that you are going to use in the class.


Course Features

Course Features
Hands on robotics Building
Code with Block Language
Remote Control