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One Day Camp

Join the camp of your choice for one day.  

If you just want to sample our camp or only have time for one day,  this is for you!  By choosing this camp either for the morning AM session (9am to 12pm) or the afternoon PM session (1pm to 3pm),  you will join one of the on-going camps during that time.


What Will You Learn?

Depending on which camp you choose to join, you will have the opportunity to learn the topics we are offering.  Check out the schedule of course that you are interested in, then sign up for either the AM session or PM session.  

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Be aware that you may have missed some of the activities if you join late in the program.  We will do the best to catch you up, but sometimes that will not be possible.

Unlike the full workshops you will not have access to our online content outside of the live instruction times.

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