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Competition Team Prep - Members Courses

Age 9 to 12 - For students who are preparing to join the robotics competition team. Learn to code to control the robots that our team members use. This course should prepare the students that are planning to join the VEXIQ or the VEX Teams. 

What Will You Learn?

In this course you will be introduced to: 


  • Arduino: Arduinos are small microcontrollers (robot brains) with lots of inputs and outputs to make fun projects. This course will help the students to take their circuitry skills to next level by building more complicated circuits and programming them using the Arduino C language. 
  • VEXIQ : In this course we will focus on building a more complicated robot and programming it using C++ language or the Block coding built for VEXIQ robots. This is where they will be introduced to other VEXIQ challenges from the past and tasked with finishing some of the challenges that our previous teams competed in. 
  • VEX V5: This robot that is made out metal parts that our VEX Teams use uses the new V5 electronic system. In this course the students are introduced to C++ coding using the V5 robots and they get to try out some of the programming and driving challenges that our VEX Competition teams face.