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Advanced Coders (Game Design)- Members courses

In this course you will be introduced to: 


  • Coding with Python: Python is one of most useful programming languages. This camp will teach students the basic of coding with Python to create fun projects. This course prepares students for the Intro to AI camp later on.
  • 3D Game Design using Unity: Create and program a 3D game with Unity. Make your own multi-level maze game with custom scenes, levels, and characters. Learn how to make your game come alive by coding it in C-sharp language. 
  • App Development using Unity 2D: Aims to pique student's interest in learning programming through designing their own Apps. Students learn the basic logic of App development and programming.
  • Minecraft Modding: Go behind the game and learn about profiles, textures, resource packs, and build your own Mod in Minecraft. Least amount of coding experience needed to make mods. 


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Robotics and Coding Tech
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About This Course

Age 10 to 15 - For students who are excited about coding projects. Learn to code in Python, Csharp and other languages for more advanced projects. Learn about AI and how python is integrated into artificial intelligence. If you are interested in making games and even Modding Minecraft this is the course for you!