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VEX GO Robot Building

Building with the VEX GO System. A new system added to the family of VEX Robotics aimed to introduce the building and designing to younger students. This system could be used to teach younger students a lot of the fundamentals in designing and building with their sophisticated but at the same time easy to use parts. 

What Will You Learn?

How to design and build robots.  Building skills for several basic robot types. You could even learn how to do some simple coding using robots. 


Coding Fundamentals
Logical Reasoning
Problem Solving


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Age 7- 9
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About This Course

HARDWARE REQUIRED (if taken online): 

This course uses a VEX GO Robot kit. All hardware is included.  For Online offering, you will pick the kit up at one of our locations before the first day of the workshop or camp. If you would like the kit to be shipped to you, an additional shipping and handling charge will apply. After the last day of the workshop or camp,  you are required to return the kit.


Course Offerings:

Winter Camp - 4 Days / 3 hours

For students 6 to 8 years old that love to build but are not quite ready to taken on bigger coding challenges. This class combines building robots with a lot of fun lessons a long the way to mix the fun and learn using VEX GO system.