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Putting it all Together

Electronic Circuits and Ohms Law

We first learned about voltage, current and circuits. We learned about resistance and ohms law. We learned series and parallel.

  • What is ohms law?
  • If I have 2 amp going through a 2 ohm resistor what is the voltage
  • Show a few other calculations with ohms law
  • What increases when we put batteries in series?


Digital Electronics

We then started with digital electronics, which is using software and microcontrollers to produce electronics devices. We have Inputs, Processing and Outputs. We learned about both digital and analog inputs and outputs.

  • Name some digital and analog inputs
  • Name some digital and analog outputs
  • Describe some of the processing and decision making we did in software


Electronic Multimeter

We learned to use a multimeter. We did a product teardown of a simple multimeter.

  • What are some of the measurements you can make with a multimeter?
  • Name some of the circuits and components found in the product teardown


Breadboard Circuits

We used breadboard prototype to build circuits. We learned about insulators and conductors. We learned to cut and strip wires.

  • what is a conductor?
  • What is an insulator?
  • Name some materials that are insulators.
  • Name some materials that are conductors.


Servo Motors

We implemented servo motors to create an analog readout for a meter. Moving a needle. We implemented a battery tester.

  • Describe the code to move a servo
  • Describe the math to convert from analog input to servo position
  • What is the typical voltage for a AA battery?



We used a photocell to measure light level.  The photocell had a varying resistance that changed with light level.

  • what type of input was the photocell? analog or digital
  • What circuit did we use to make a measurement?



we learned about packaging products. We learned to work with foam core board. We learned 3D design and printing. We used hardpoints

  • Describe your work with foam core
  • Name a few tools used in Fusion 360
  • Describe what are hardpoints and why do we use them.



This workshop is all about invention so lets invent. Use what you have learned to create a measurement device. You can use the sensors that we learned about or pick some others from our kits. You can use LCD, LED and Analog Display of your measurements. You can package it using 3D printed parts or foam core. Make it look and function well. Show it off then take it home.