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VEX IQ robotics Teams

Rolling Robots VEX IQ Teams Win Big at State Championships

Meet four Award winning Elementary school Robotics teams who qualified for the VEX IQ World Championship competition in May!

We are excited and proud to announce that all four teams have qualified to participate in the VEX IQ World Championship in May! All four of our teams have put in immeasurable effort into this season’s competition.

Rolling Robots would like to give recognition to its VEX IQ teams for their hard work and accomplishments during the 2020 - 2021 season. Despite facing the challenges of COVID-19, our teams learned and worked in the combination of online and in-person settings without giving up. They have learned about the game, designed, built, and coded their robots since September of 2020. Many iterations and online skills events later, they did astonishingly at the California State Championship that was held on March 13th, 2021 - each team won an award, including the highest award - sweeping 4 of a total of 8 awards!

To honor their hard work let's take a closer look at the teams, one by one.


Rolling Robots Team 7700V - Max Babiec, Grant Gerstner, Renee Gerstner Madeleine Jiang

Team 7700V won the Excellence Award, the highest award presented in the VEX Competition. This award is presented to a team that exemplifies overall excellence in building a high-quality robotics program. As described by VEX Robotics, it is an award given to the “Top All-Around Team (Robot Performance and Judged)”, which qualified the team not only for participating in the VEX IQ World Championship in May but also to be considered for the Excellence Award in the World Championship. Team 7700V members are kids from the South Bay Area.


Rolling Robots Team 7700H - Izzy Kim, Evan Lannicelli, Caroline Burner

Team 7700H’s members are composed of those from Glendale, Los Angeles, and La Crescenta​. They won the Amaze Award during the State competition. The Amaze Award is presented to the team that demonstrates the ability to build the most consistently high-scoring and competitive robot. This shows how much the H team worked on their consistency and continued to work on being able to repeat their results over and over again. We look forward to what they will show us during the May competition.


Rolling Robots Team 7700P - Ben Wald, Jack Babiec, Ashley Wills

Team 7700P’s members are also from the South Bay Area. The team won the Innovate Award, which is given to the team that has the most effective and efficient design process. This means that Team 7700P had the most streamlined robotic design that showed through their final design and throughout their progress since September of 2020. They are qualified to participate in the VEX IQ World Championship in May.


Rolling Robots Team 7700G - Leyton Chen, Camille Elliott, Max Schwehr, Brennan Elliott

Team 7700G won the Think Award. This award acknowledges a team’s ability to have the most effective and consistent programming strategies and solutions to solve the game’s challenge. The team members come from Glendale, Los Angeles, and La Crescenta. Team 7700G is the only team at Rolling Robots that double qualified for the World Championship by winning the VEX Robotics STEM Research Online Challenge titled “How Can Scientists Use Sensors to Help with COVID-19?” Double Qualifications is defined by the VEX Robotics Regulations as winning two spot holders in the next higher-tiered event.