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Skills Scouting

We would like to learn about the capability of our competition.   What would be the expected skills scores to win at a specific event and how do we compare with the world and at the state level.

All of this data can be retrieved in near real time from the site

Review the game manual appendix B to learn about the skills challenge. The summary of skills is that you can do a driver run of one minute and a programming or autonomous run of one minute and the scores add together to give your skills score.


World Skills Rankings

Skills scores at official events are recorded on the world skills rankings so you can see how you compare to the teams of the world. On this page you can sort by middle school or high school and by your country, state and region..  You can also just enter your team number to see where you stand.

skills rankings

Here are the top ten teams in our region as of November 22, 2022

Scouting for a specific Event

First go to and find you specific event and click the link to teams.  One example is the December 3 event at TUSD. Link to teams.  The team should go through and determine the skills score for each team at the event. Note that some teams will not have a ranking and that other teams may show a low ranking but then perform significantly better at the event.  So we only use this as an indication of where we need to be.

Make a Spreadsheet


A spread sheet something like this should be created.


Link to Spreadsheet

Make a Spreadsheet. A spread sheet something like this should be created and completed with the current data.

RobotEvents Public API

An API is available if someone would like to write code to do this automatically and keep it up to date.