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Strategy and Game Play


Now that we have a complete robot that could play the game and we have learned how to do some coding with the robots, it is time to take a closer look at the game and come up with a strategy that your team could use and be successful.

The important part is to remember your robot capabilities and what you could do with this robot to be successful when playing the game. Review the game and the rules again and come up with a strategy for the 15 seconds autonomous section of the game. This section of the game is code only and there is a bonus for winning the auton routine so you have an advantage before the driver portion of the game begins. 

Once the autonomous portion is done 1:45 seconds driver portion begins and now 4 robots on two different teams will try achieve the most points possible for their alliance. During this time teams will have to play both offense and defense at the same time. Each team should consist of two or three drive tea. 


Game Play 

Before we start playing the game we should talk about what each team needs to be able to help their alliance be successful. 

Each team will have a drive team obviously includes a driver for the match whose job is to focus on the robot and what is the immediate task to be finished wether it is winning over a game element or maybe preventing the other teams from winning the game objects. 

The next person on the drive team is the person who looks at the time and the rest of the game and needs to communicate with the driver to give him updates and other tasks that the driver should focus on. This person is known as the Coach and he should be able to score the game quickly and keep an eye on the time to give the driver instructions on what he should do next in order to. 

They should probably practice a couple of matches before we start a small tournament to find out the best alliance of the week.