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Things to Do Before Your First Event

Design robot

Build robot

Code robot

Write engineering notebook in Slides

Learn more about game manual

Learn more about score

Code Robot for driving

Code for win point

Code for 15 second auto

Code for 1 minute programming skill

Practice driving

Practice for 1 minute driving skill

Choose drive team (s)

Practice interview

Organize the parts box and tool box

Determine Who is Responsible to get the Robot to the Event

The robot must arrive ready for inspection and it must be with at least one team member that can take it through inspection.

Students should pre inspect the night before and be familiar with the inspection check list linked here.



robot ready
In order to inspect we need:
  1. Robot
  2. Remote
  3. Fully Charged Battery
  4. Competition Code on the Brain

Items to  Bring to be shared by 4 teams

Create a packing list with photos of what to bring.

Make sure everything is marked with your team number in sharpie or 7700