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Tinker CAD

Computer Aided Design of Circuits

TinkerCAD is a browser based software for 3D design. It also provides a circuit design feature that includes block coding for Arduino. This makes is a great place to quickly evaluate your ideas and test projects without using the actual hardware. in this lesson we will have a look and buils the simple blinking LED example

Getting Started

The main site is TinkerCAD here you can get the general information. It is an Autodesk software so if you have an Autodesk account that you have been using for Fusion 360 or something else you can login with that or create a new account. Start Here : TinkerCAD Login

tinker cad for circuits

Once you are logged in click Circuits in the left sidebar. It will take you to this page where your selection of projects are saved. To start a new project click the green button, Create new Circuit.